Lottery 1 (finished)


Pattern making win win lottery from Eleonora Orsini book-store

Our first win-win lottery with  Fashion Class 2  is FINISHED! 

Everyone received a gift cards!

Win win pattern making lottery by Eleonora Orsini and online book-store about pattern making

1- Alexandra Instagram@crazydenimlady Gift card "15 EUR"🎁
2- Sashi Instagram@sashirekha_9  Gift card "100 EUR"🎁
3- Stella Instagram@stellamaris98200  Gift card "100 EUR"🎁
4- Kendra Instagram@kdgberg  Gift card "15 EUR"🎁
5- Natalee Instagram@iknatalee  Gift card "15 EUR"🎁
6- Alessia Instagram@alemcmay  Gift card "15 EUR"🎁
7- Maria Instagram@albertorebordelo  Gift card "15 EUR"🎁
8- Karmele Instagram@karmelelerele  Gift card "100 EUR"🎁
9- Elizabeth Instagram@edenapparel_ca  Gift card "15 EUR"🎁
10- Beauty Instagram@bea_passion_palette  Gift card "15 EUR"


 Thanks for participating, Ela Orsini




  • Adriana

    Admiradora de tu hermoso trabajo, gracias por ser inspiración.

  • Eleonora Orsini

    Jorida thank You very much!

  • Jorida Ndreka

    Hello , I’m from Italy i really lov your patterns
    You are amazing

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