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You need to reset the password on the Login page.

Please write a request to the to change  email in your account.

In Details section of your account, there must be a gmail email. Change email to gmail, save the changes and then connect the Google account.

You will no longer need to remember the password of because you will log in with Google login.


The fact is that this can happen when you enter from the internal Instagram browser. You will actually see the error as in the screenshot. Google login does not work in internal browsers. You need to open the site in a web browser.


Google Account may provide the following data: your name and email, your Google Account profile photo, and language settings. To interact with the site, we need your name and email, we do not see and do not touch other data from your Google account.

Quote of today is the inspirational quote for the mood. It happens that one word can change our life. In the Classes section click on the Diamond under your name and get inspired.

Click the button “Points” in your account in the Classes section.

Ooh, it could be after updating the site or when we clear the cache. Sorry for this inconvenience. The button “Resume” will appear as soon as you visit the pages of the lessons again.


Classes Classes Classes

After successful payment purchased eBooks will be in your account in the Downloads section.

In Classes section, click on the class.

In the side navigation of each Class use “Send message” button.

When you are logged in to the school, the site understands who you are and will send messages on your behalf.

Access to the purchased online Classes  is lifetime.

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Prices on our website are shown in US dollars.

The school is officially registered in Ukraine, so when paying by card with checking by 3Dsecure, you can see the price in the Ukrainian currency- UAH (hryvnia) in the message.

You will receive PDF invoice in the confirmation mail, within 5 minutes  after the successful payment.

Also, you can find PDF invoice in your account in the Orders  section. Click the “Invoice” button and download PDF file.



Don’t worry, this can be some technical nuances.

If the status of your order is still «unpaid» after 24 hours, please email us