This is my story. This is the life of all of Ukraine.
The invasion began on the morning of 24 February, when president of russia announced a “special military operation”. Minutes later, missiles struck throughout Ukraine, including the capital Kyiv, shortly followed by a large ground invasion from multiple directions. At 6 o’clock in the morning I woke up to the sounds of explosions. The last work I did before the war was my new design of a sleeve with a bow. You can purchase this master class as a donation for Ukraine.


February 2022

War in numbers


Days as the people of Ukraine defend their land from the invasion of russian army. Every day is a test of courage. Every day is a test of faith in life.


The number of forcibly deported children. 483 children are died in Ukraine during the war. Officially more than 989 children were injured. This numbers increasing every day.

12 MM

People left their houses since the begining of the war. They are women and children who seek asylum in different cities in Ukraine or in other countries. Many people were left homeless after massive attacks by russian invaders.

In eBook You will find a step by step explanation how to create such the sleeve pattern with the bow from a basic sleeve pattern.

40 photo/16 pages/english language


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pattern making skirt with bow

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Thank for Your Heart

I believe Ukraine will win, because love for life and freedom is the most important thing. I know that this victory is thanks to the support of the whole world.
I sincerely thank everyone who cares about the lives of people.

When the war ends, the whole world will celebrate this victory. People in Ukraine will cry at what a high price they got this victory. How many incredible people died in this war. How many children were affected by russian missiles.

Destroyed buildings can be rebuilt. People’s lives cannot be restored and this is the deep pain of all those who lost their loved ones from the russian invasion of Ukraine.

Keep yourselves. And hug those dearest to your heart. Many people do not have this opportunity more, just to hug.
Sincerely, Ela