Ela Orsini Ela Orsini

Ela Orsini

Profession and LifeStyle

Favorite flower: ROSE

Tea or coffee: COFFEE

“Love saves the World.”

Love cats, trees and sincere people.

Self-improvement always.

I am a passionate workaholic.


1984 Born (Kyiv)

2001-2003 Tailoring Education (Kyiv)

2003-2005 Tailor in Luxury Atelier (Kyiv)

2006-2008 Fashion Design Education (Kyiv)

2005-2021 Own custom tailoring atelier (Kyiv)

2019-2023 Design Educator & Blogger (World)

I sincerely believe that online education changes life.

I remember the time when I studied during the day and worked at night.

If I had the opportunity to study online 20 years ago, it would have made my life easier then.

I work on improving my project.

Online school that gives visual pleasure.

Lessons in which I give my experience and my passion.


I built the site and learning space I dreamed of.

My next steps

  • App for school
  • Online draping course
  • Hard-copy creative pattern making book
  • Course branding & digital marketing for fashion designers