Lingerie Making

Online course. Pattern drafting and sewing.

Instructor Ela Orsini

1 Level

Basic pattern drafting, classic sewing technology, working with cotton, non stretch and stretch lace. Bras and panties.

2 Level

Working with different types laces and stretch mesh. Advanced sewing skills. Fashion bras, panties, suspender belt, bodysuit.

3 Level

Advanced pattern making, luxury sewing techniques, work with silk satin and silk velvet. High fashion: bras, panties, bustier, waist corset.

Fashion Design Instructor

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

I will say one thing: I love and know how to sew.

Social networks gave me the opportunity to show the whole world my skills that I have been training for 20 years.

On my online courses platform, I use the coolest features for comfort, motivation and inspiration throughout the online learning process.

I will not give you a chance to fail my courses, I will accompany you every lesson. We may be located on different continents, but you will feel my support throughout your training. 

Sincerely Ela

Pattern drafting
Draping Method

    1 LEVEL

  • Start 15 September 2022
  • 50 lessons
  • Price 600 USD
  • One-time or monthly payment
  • English language
  • Photos with explanations
  • Recorded videos with subtitles 
  • Personal support 
  • Certificate
  • Unlimited access*

Duration 1 month.

Anatomy of lingerie, materials* for making lingerie, choosing of underwire, tools and sewing machines, stitches for lingerie sewing, handmade pad for ironing bra cups.

*List with 65 online stores in different countries for purchase lingerie making supplies

Practical assignment

Duration 1 week.

Measurements for sewing lingerie, styles of patterns, pattern drafting the base of a bra and panties using your measurements.

Practical assignment

Duration 1 week.

Layout of bra and fitting, work with mistakes, common defects and ways to eliminate them.

* Bonus – how to make photo of your work for social pages.

Practical assignment

Duration 2 weeks.

Cutting and sewing a classic set of lingerie (made of natural cotton, underwire with a handmade channeling).

Practical assignment

Duration 2 weeks.

Cutting and sewing a set of lingerie (non stretch lace, underwire bra).

Practical assignment

Duration 2 weeks.

Cutting and sewing a classic set of lingerie  (stretch lace, handmade foam cups, underwire).

Practical assignment

Your skills after first level course

Skill to choose material and accessories for lingerie.

 Skill to take measurements and choose underwire.

Skill to make basic pattern of bra and panties.

Skill of creating and fitting layout of bra.

Skill of sewing set of cotton lingerie with underwire and handmade channeling.

 Skill of sewing lingerie set from non stretch lace with underwire and ready channeling.

Skill of sewing lingerie set from stretch lace with handmade foam cups.

 Plus three sets hand-made Lingerie!


Duration 3 months

600 USD * only after complete level 1


Duration 3 months

600 USD * only after complete levels 1 and 2

  • The duration of each level is 3 months, during which time you have personal support for each lesson
  • We study pattern drafting and sewing of lingerie from scratch to high fashion products
  • Unlimited access after completing the course


The online course takes place on the online courses platform on site

Each participant will have a personal account.

A personal account on the site gives you access to your courses.

After each lesson there will be a test or practical task that you will need to complete and send a photo.

Ela will be reviewing assignments and answering questions.

Payment is possible using Visa and MasterCard.

Yes, we offer a monthly payments and one-time payment with a discount.

Of course, every payment is legal. Eleonora Orsini (Ela Orsini on social pages) is an officially registered entrepreneur in Ukraine and all payments are made through an international payment service.

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