Your Own Handmade Lingerie Brand

Do you dream of your own brand?

How to start?

What to sew?

To whom to sell?

How to advertise?


In today's world, a brand is not just about things. This is a philosophy. This is your positioning in the world of fashion. This is the trust and admiration of customers. This is respect for colleagues. Your brand is your reflection.


Professional skills are the basis of everything. Fashion is changing, but being able to make patterns, understanding sewing technology, having knowledge of which fabrics emphasize women's beauty, we adapt to any conditions and with our hard work we will succeed.


How to sell your products? How to tell about your brand on Instagram? How to make such a service so that customers repeatedly return? The most important is to do everything with love. Marketing tools you will learn in our lessons.

Online Course

3 themes

Branding, Design and Marketing are essential aspects of creating any brand. In this course, all themes are based on the creation of handmade lingerie brand. Our goal is to learn how to make a product, advertise it, and sell it.

15 months

During 15 months, you will master the blocks of the course step by step. Theoretical lessons mixed with practice, while your brain will create the fundamental idea of ​​your brand - hands will be trained in practical pattern making and sewing lessons. You will learn all the secrets of working with elastic materials, lace, silk satin and velvet in the lessons.

Cashback program

Sometimes we lack patience to achieve our goals. Our cashback program is an additional motivation to complete each task in the course, because this program allows you to get discount 20% of the cost of the course. Why not challenge yourself and earn all possible points on the course?

Start Your Lingerie Brand

Show your vision of precious lingerie

Your success will depend on how obstinately you are able to carry your dream through all the trials.

Create miracle by your hands

If you ask me: what is the most important thing in my life? Answer is love and new skills. Both in life and in fashion design, the most important rules are the same. Love everything you touch and learn something new every day. I have been creating women’s clothing since I was 16, today I am 38 and this is 22 years of my love to this job. I want to share all my experience, love for sewing and the secrets of promoting your brand on Instagram.

Ela Orsini

Fashion Design Instructor


  • How to understand who your customers are and what they need?
  • What is the brand philosophy and how will it help attract clients?
  • Why is friendly customer service 50% of a brand’s success?
  • How to be inspired by other brands but not make copies?
  • How to choose your brand name?
  • How to find your style of visual presentation?
  • What is Google Trands?
  • How to create your own logo, business card layouts, packaging, etc?
  • Why register a trademark and how to do it?
  • Why create your own website? On which platforms can you create an online store yourself?
  • At what stage should you officially register your business?

With the help of lessons you will develop the idea of ​​your brand. Identified target customer for your brand. With the help of our self-coaching guide, you will go through the customer journey and by answering special questions to yourself, you will form your vision of customer service. You will create a hypothesis about which product your audience needs. Highlight a clear philosophy, come up with a brand name, create a brand book. In the Canva program, develop a logo and layout of the brand packaging. Register a domain name for a future online store and start by creating an online business card for your brand.


  • How to make the basic constructions of a bra and a panties?
  • What is difference between flat pattern cutting and 3D pattern making processes?
  • What is pattern grading?
  • What materials do we need for lingerie making?
  • How to combine a colors in lingerie making?
  • Where to look for information about fashion trends?
  • Types of lingerie for your brand.
  • Mesh, jersey, lace, satin, velvet what is best for sewing lingerie?
  • What types of lace are used for sewing lingerie?
  • What is the difference between simplified sewing technology and luxury finishing?
  • What types of decoration can be used in the lingerie sewing?
  • Where to buy retail and wholesale a supplies for lingerie making?

You will learn how to draft the basic construction of the bra and panties. You will learn how to turn one size pattern into an additional smaller or larger sizes. You will have at your disposal a library of lessons with the patterns modeling process of the fashion constructions the bras and  the panty designs. You will practice creating fashionable lingerie patterns using the flat pattern cutting and 3D pattern making method.  You will create mood board. You will development colour palette for your first collection build. Will learn to use templates  to create your own lingerie designs. You will be able to expand your range of products with the help of cutting and sewing lessons for such products: bralette, bodysuit, lace bustier, silk chemise, silk pajamas, silk and lace robe, transparent waist corset, suspender belt. You will know the secrets of sewing from different types of lace, jersey, mesh,  silk satin and velvet. Elastic lace, embroidery lace, chantilly lace has different features of pattern making and sewing, and you will master all the nuances of working with different types of lace. You will understand and practice simplified sewing technology and luxury sewing finishing, and you will be able to make a choice of technological process based on your brand strategy. Combining silk with lace, decorating with feathers or textile flowers, adding pearls, hand made embroidering clients’ initials – this will make the lingerie special and allow you to express your creativity. You will find instructions and tools to help customers determine their size. In the lessons, you will find a list of 50 online stores in EU and USA for the purchase of accessories for the lingerie making.


  • Why is Instagram the best platform for clothing brands?
  • How does the Instagram algorithm work?
  • How to take a photo for a commercial Instagram page?
  • How to get the first followers on Instagram for free?
  • How will not lose your account?
  • What to do with bad or fake reviews and how to protect your reputation?
  • How to turn a new customer into a regular?
  • How to work with bloggers?
  • How and when to run targeted ads?
  • How to measure advertising effectiveness?

The result of the lessons will be the creation of a marketing plan for the development of your brand for 6 months. Learn how to protect your Instagram account. Understand why hashtags are important and create a list of hashtags for your Instagram account. Develop your style of responding to negativity on the social network. Define customer service rules based on your brand philosophy. Understand the pros and cons of advertising with a bloggers. In this module you will find practical lessons on photography and information on collaborations with photographers and models based on TFP. You will have a step by step plan on how to get your first Instagram followers for free. You will learn the process of how to run targeted ads on Instagram.


Stop  Dreaming

Start  Doing

5 blocks

 Lessons are available on a phone, tablet, PC. Recorded videos with voice and subtitles (English language), text information,  step by step photo instructions, PDF files, homework with checking, lifetime access.

1 Block

Basic lingerie making

  • Lingerie anatomy
  • Materials and accessories
  • Underwires choosing
  • High-waist panties drafting
  • Low-waist panties drafting
  • Thong panties drafting
  • “One dart cup” Bra drafting
  • “Three pieces cup” Bra drafting
  • “Cup with side panel” Bra drafting
  • Sewing 3 sets of the lingerie (regular sizes)
  • Stretch lace- sewing technology
  • Non stretch lace- sewing technology
  • Jersey- sewing technology
  • Working with bra foam material

Duration 12 weeks

Start March 3, 2023


$ 600
  • 3 payments by 200 $
  • 1 payment before start
  • 2 payment March 3-7
  • 3 payment April 3-7
  • Lifetime access

One time payment 550 USD

2 Block

Branding & marketing

Algorithm of Brand creation, Instagram marketing and customer service. Practical tasks for the development of creative vision.

Duration 12 weeks

3 Block

Advanced lingerie making

High level lingerie making. Flat and 3D pattern making, using basic patterns the panties and the bras. Combination laces, silk, stretch mesh. Technical drawing.

Duration 12 weeks

4 Block

Other types Lingerie

Pattern drafting and sewing bodysuit, waist corset, different types of the bustier.

Duration 12 weeks

5 Block

Silk home wear

Pattern drafting, grading and sewing home wear using natural silk and lace. Robes, pajamas, chemises.

Duration 12 weeks


Most frequent questions

The online course takes place on our learning platform. Each participant will have a personal account and lifetime access to the lessons and future  updates of the course.

Lessons are information in the form of the text, photos, recorded video with voice and subtitles (English), PDF files and links to other sites that will be useful to you. We also have tasks and tests.


You can take “BEGINNER pre-lessons”.

Special for a beginners: introducing into sewing tools, how to begin work with a sewing machine, training on machine‘s and hand stitches, a practical lesson on the process of working with an iron and a lesson on acquiring cutting skills. Sewing a bra in scale by hands.

Cost 100 USD – duration  4 weeks.

Start January 1, 2023.

1- You should be comfortable on our learning platform. To do this, you send Request  for sample lessons.

2- You need have a real desire to dive deep into the theme of lingerie creation. We will create everything with our hands and brain, you need patience, the ability to focus on the new information and love for handwork.

3- Readiness for regular practice. Lingerie making is a lot of practical work. The more hours of practice, the coolest the result.

I advise you to give at least 10 hours a week. Pattern making and sewing are skills that require time to achieve good results and speed.

You will make all the patterns from scratch. It is amazing process. If you have no desire to draft a patterns, then this course is not for you.

A sewing machine, tools for pattern cutting and sewing, a phone for practicing photography, a tablet or computer for working in the Canva program, and a printer for working on the creation of brand packaging. Internet connection and your passion desire to learn.  Detailed list you will find after booking the participations.

Payment is possible using Visa and MasterCard.

ApplePay in browser Safari.

GooglePay in browser Chrome.

  • You pass the first block of the course
  • You get points for each completed task
  • Points are displayed in your account
  • For the next block of the course, you have a discount based on your points

Please, send a Request  for testing the learning platform.

After the request, you will receive a mail with access to the account and instructions.

First of all, you need to take a “Guid” course and get a certificate. Next, you will have access to the inspiration lessons.

In the lessons, you will find a detailed plan of the first block of the lingerie course and organizational issues.

Would you like to take a look inside at the learning platform?

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We start

March 3, 2023


See you on the lessons

I wish all your dreams of Fashion Design come true. Never stop self-improvement, to shine with new skills and go to all your goals. Sincerely Ela