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Dress with an asymmetric Bow.

I really love this model. An asymmetric butterfly is combined with a classic silhouette of the dress.

We will create creative pattern on the basic dress pattern. Master class includes eBook formatted for printing and a video (without voice). Measures are given in centimeters.

eBook is 39 pages, 74 photos with explanations. You will have step-by-step instructions for creating a pattern and assembling a layout.

Training takes place on a learning platform elaorsini.com
Access to the online class is lifetime.

See You in the class, Ela

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Hello Ela! Your algorithm and way of teaching is already at a high level. I enjoy every time I am on the online platform. If all theachers explained like you, the world would become more productive and happy. I didn't like making patterns at all. Now that's my favorite part 😁❤
ClaudiaUnited States
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Hi Ela, Everything is clear so far and I can't wait for the next lesson. You are an amazing teacher. Thank you for all your help. 😊😊😊
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Dear Ela, Your course is awesome! You explain it in a very good and understandable way and give some great advice. Before I've learnt with books and some videos but in none of them I have understand it perfectly as in your course. I cant wait for the new topics! :)
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Good day, As of now I don't have any questions and I am really enjoying the process and methods and teaching that you provide in your platform. I just want to suggest why not adding a section for men underwear.I believe it will be a good addition since no one provide how to draft men's underwear in online schools.
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Hi Ela, I liked the course a lot it was very clearly explained. I completed all of the topics and had no difficulties.


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