Information before start main lessons

Love in your heart!

Dear  , to begin with, I wish you love, love for everything: for yourself, for life, for people, for study.

Personal Support

I tried to answer all the questions that participants of our course sent in the last month, if I missed any of your questions, please send me your question again

Lesson Duration

We are adding a new function to the site. Soon for each lesson, time which you need to plan for the lesson will be indicated.

Please note, that the duration of the lesson can be specified as 1hr – 3hr. The time depends on your previous experience and your personal speed of work.

I am sure after a few practical lessons you will be able to determine your speed and understand what time you need: by the lower or upper limit of the specified time for lessons.

This way you can plan your time for the lessons!

And this is very important, because the next lessons will be longer than the pre-lessons.

We try not to close the site for a long time now, so that you have access to the lessons, so we need a little more time to add this function.

Thank you for your patience!

The main lessons will start next week and you will be able to use the time indicated next to each lesson to plan your study schedule!

Pattern Drafting Lessons

The next lessons will be on the topic “Pattern Drafting”, so please prepare the tools according to the List

In connection with the questions that the participants of our course wrote to me, I understood that many persons have a dream but do not have a clear plan for create their brand of handmade lingerie.

What does it take to create a handmade lingerie brand?

I’m sure you understand that learning how to sew lingerie is not enough to create a brand.

Now I will ask you questions, and you please mark the topics that are of interest to you.

If these questions are of interest to most of the participants, I will add them to our program.

I sincerely want the dream of creating your own brand to become a reality for everyone!

See You next week, Ela