Bust Measurements

In the last lesson, we saw how to measure the diameter of the base of the breasts on a mannequin.

But what about in real life?

I asked my client to take measurements herself.

My client is wearing one of her favorite bra.


Diameter of Base Breast

 My client liked the way of measuring with a my paper Di-ruler it is quick and a minimum of touching the bust of client. In the photo of the client, she herself puts the paper base under the breast.


Full Bust Measurement

Then I asked to measure her bust.

With a centimeter tape parallel to the floor, we bend around the body, passing along the most protruding points of the breasts. Measuring tape fits tightly to the body.


Under Bust Measurement

The next measurement is the volume under the breasts. We go around the body with a centimeter tape. Measuring tape fits tightly to the body.

As you can see, the client can take measurements from his body. And this is cool, because it opens up possibilities for online sewing and to check the correct size when buying a bra online from your future brand. We will talk about this later.