Dear , I am very glad that you are here.

Design Lingerie is a very beautiful, but special theme, and in order to start drafting and sewing, we need to make sure that we have everything we need.

For every new lesson, we will need information from previous lessons, so please be attentive.

Even if some information seems boring and you can’t wait to start sewing already, please remember: professionalism is a puzzle consists of small pieces of knowledge and skills.

Our goal is to study the lingerie making, from simple to complex.

We will start with a theoretical knowledge of equipment and materials.

Also, the quality of the lingerie depends of the sewing technology, I like when the inside of the thing is as beautiful as the outside.

Our priority is quality over speed. Speed ​​comes with experience. In the process of learning, it is very important don’t be in a rush, to feel as much as possible each topic.

Our task to create the beautiful lingerie!

We will also touch on the topic of social pages. It is thanks to Instagram and YouTube that we met and you are here today.

Social pages are infinity opportunities to find colleagues, partners and clients from all over the world.

The course will regularly include tasks in which you may to send a photo. And this will be an additional training for you to once again take a beautiful photo of your work.

We will start at a leisurely pace and gradually accelerate as we get used to regular exercise.

Learning tiredness kills inspiration.

I will share my love for the design, and I hope you will accept this love for yourself.

Thanks for reading, let’s move to the next lesson.